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  • Suite of new features introduced across Bentayga range
  • Bentayga S and Azure now feature all-wheel-steering as standard; optional on other models
  • Postural Adjust and Auto Climate rear seats now available on all Bentayga models
  • Driver assistance enhancements through new electrical architecture
  • New connected car, air quality and comfort features
  • 100% recycled sustainable carpet materials
  • Introduction of ‘Bang & Olufsen for Bentley’ for Bentayga
  • Bentayga Styling Specification available for Extended Wheelbase
  • New exterior paints including seven satins
  • New 21” multi spoke wheel with three finishes
  • Introduction of new derivative Bentayga model ‘A’

(Crewe, 26 September 2023) Bentley Motors is today announcing the introduction of a collection of new features making its luxury SUV range more desirable than ever. The second generation Bentayga was introduced in 2020, with additions of further performance and luxury versions, the Bentayga continues to be the most successful luxury SUV range so far.

With the exterior of the car remaining fresh, the scope for increased personalisation has been pushed even further with an additional exterior colour, seven new satin paints and a new 21” wheel option in three different finishes. Priority has been given to the driver and passenger experience with new chassis technology, new electrical architecture and additional features, including a reprofiled front radiator grille. The introduction of all wheel steering to the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase increased handling and manoeuvrability  whilst also reducing the turning circle by nearly 1m. This system is now included as standard on both the Bentayga Azure and ‘S’ models, and optional on the rest of the range.

One out of every two Extended Wheelbase customers chooses the Airline Seat Specification, including Postural Adjust and Seat Auto Climate, and this world-leading technology is now available as an option on all standard wheelbase Bentaygas. 

After a rear seat passenger selects their desired temperature from seven different levels, the auto climate seat senses passenger temperature and surface humidity with an accuracy of 0.1°C every 25 milliseconds. The system can then determine whether to apply heat, ventilation or both simultaneously to keep the passenger at optimum thermal wellbeing. 

Meanwhile, the postural adjustment system automatically makes micro adjustments to the passenger’s seating position and pressure points, using an algorithm developed in collaboration with a chiropractor. The system can apply 177 individual pressure changes across six fully independent pressure zones over a three-hour period improving comfort and minimising fatigue throughout a journey. By subtly changing the shape of the surfaces of the seat over time, no one area of the body endures pressure fatigue for an extended period – meaning the occupant is always comfortable.

Driver assistance features have also been enhanced with the inclusion of Intelligent Park Assist (including remote parking), 3D Surround View and Emergency Assist. Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and Bentley Safeguard have also been bolstered further.

A number of these new driver aids are displayed in the driver’s instrument panel which also now offers three new dial styles with an additional unique style specific to the model of Bentayga. The new driver instrument panel also includes real time visualisation of the road ahead, a 3D depiction of detected objects (including an image of the Bentayga with interactive exterior lights) and a status of the driver’s assistance features.

Connected Car features now include remote park assist, enabling the remote operation to start and stop the engine and manoeuvre the car when within 3.5 meters, via a smartphone.

For cabin comfort, the air conditioning has also been improved. The new system uses the particle matter sensor to measure the air quality inside and outside of the car. This is displayed on the central infotainment screen and automatically activates ‘recirculation mode’ preventing pollution from enter the cabin. The system returns back to fresh air mode when appropriate. The new system is deactivated automatically when rear occupants are not detected, reducing airflow noise to the rear and energy usage.

Using map data the system knows when the car is about to enter a tunnel and therefore where higher pollution is anticipated. Ten seconds before entering the tunnel the system switches to recirculation mode to prevent pollution entering the cabin. On exit, the system reverts to fresh air mode unless a further tunnel is within 20 seconds.

The standard cabin carpets across all models have also become more sustainable. The new cabin carpet is now 100 per cent recycled nylon delivering the same level of comfort and feel of previous carpets.

The isolated cabin makes for a perfect sound stage for the latest audio offering for Bentayga, ‘Bang & Olufsen for Bentley’. The iconic design of the B&O speaker – finished in aluminium with holes drilled in variable sizes and angles and shaped to a uniquely-designed Fibonacci hole pattern, are elegantly displayed on each interior door panel. The angled holes are placed as tightly as possible to achieve the best acoustic transparency and to build a contrast to the glass-pearl blasted surface.

New for the Bentayga EWB, the Styling Specification amplifies what is already a striking presence. A larger rear spoiler both extends the roofline in profile and provides increased aerodynamic stability at speed. This is complemented with high gloss carbon fibre door mirrors, and side sills with unique exterior badging. Both bumpers receive carbon fibre additions, with a splitter to the front and a diffuser to the rear.

Eight new exterior paint colours have also been introduced across the range. Topaz, an intense blend of blue and green creating a sparkling turquoise jewelled appearance adds to the existing 112 colours already available.

Beyond the standard and extended palettes, Mulliner has curated a new premium range of satin paints. Providing an alternative look the new paints give a matt surface finish in the seven additional colours; Royal Ebony, Light Sapphire, Orange Flame, Alpine Green, British Racing Green, Cricket Ball and Candy Red.

This summer also brings a new elegant and contemporary 21” multi-spoke wheel. With a more elegant design the wheel is more suited to the luxury inspired models and is available in three different finishes. The intricately detailed wheel is offered in silver, black painted and bright machined, and a polished finish.

The Bentayga family now spans a range of 10 models each with a different emphasis, to make customer choice easier. The flagship Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Mulliner sits at the top of the range. Customers wishing to concentrate on driving pleasure can specify Bentayga S delivering exceptional dynamic performance and no expense to grand touring ability. For those prioritising wellbeing and on-board comfort, the Azure range provides a luxurious solution. 

From September, a new additional cross car line joins the family. The new model simply badged as ‘A’, provides customers (in certain regions) a first stepping stone on the luxury-focused pathway between a standard car and an Azure. 

The ‘A’ model is denoted from the exterior by a straight vanned front grille, black lower bumper grilles, ‘A’ badging and 21” black and bright machined wheels. To the interior of the cabin, the colour specification is standard allowing a choice of 15 colours of leather and colourways. The front seat comfort specification is also standard including massage, seat heating and ventilation as well as contrast stitching throughout the cabin and deep pile overmats. Three different open pore veneers are available to choose from, Crown Cut Walnut is the standard with Dark Burr Walnut and Koa as no cost options. 

Increased dynamic ability

Electronic All Wheel Steering was first introduced to the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase maintaining the Luxury SUV’s critical acclaim for its dynamic ability. It provided two highly desirable benefits and ensures no compromise between high-speed confidence and low speed convenience. Now the feature is available on all Bentayga models being standard on S and Azure and optional on all others.

At fast highway speeds the system makes small adjustments to the direction of travel of the rear wheels, in tandem with the direct steering inputs from the driver to the front wheels. This increases high-speed stability – making overtaking and lane changing more assured – and improves handling when driving through sweeping bends.

At low speeds, the All Wheel Steering has the effect of ‘shortening’ the wheelbase, reducing the turning circle, and increasing agility in tight urban environments making parking noticeably easier. This is achieved by steering the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels. The maximum angle the rear wheels turn is +/- 4.8 degrees to the centre line of car with a cut over between slow and fast operation at 37 miles per hour. The system provides a reduced turning circle by approximately 7% or 1 metre.

Bang & Olufsen for Bentley

Customers choosing the newest audio feature for Bentayga benefit from the iconic design of the B&O speaker grilles – finished in aluminium with holes drilled in variable sizes and angles and shaped to a uniquely-designed Fibonacci hole pattern. The angled holes are placed as tightly as possible to achieve the best acoustic transparency and to build a contrast to the glass-pearl blasted surface.

Another highlight is the LED illumination of the holes, which welcomes the driver when the system turns on. The Bang & Olufsen logo completes the unique speaker design and is debossed into the leather next to the grilles.

The interface features an eclipse design, and by moving a digital white marker the user chooses between the four different spaces. This enables the user to adjust the music according to their current mood – with a colour palette behind the eclipse reflecting the chosen sound mode. Surround intensity can also be adjusted with a pinching gesture, in the BeoSonic display. Additional settings can optimize the whole system for front or rear seat passengers.

Bang & Olufsen BeoSonic One-Touch Experience provides four distinct audio spaces: Bright, Energetic, Warm & Relaxed. The sound tuning of the spaces is adjusted to the driver’s preferences through an easy-to-use, haptic touchscreen interface integrated into the multimedia system.

Luxurious sustainable materials 

As standard for Azure and A models, the new deep pile overmats are more luxurious than ever. Using 100 per cent pure wool, the deep pile Wilton carpets have an exceptionally luxuriant, velvety feel. A specially-selected wool variety is used due to its cleanliness and purity in colour which is tested to ensure quality standards are met before use. Colour is applied via the method of hank dyeing, which allows better control of the quality of the dye and ensures improved colour matching as required. During the manufacturing process no bleach is used and therefore the end result is a beautiful quality finished carpet from pure wool. The deep pile overmats are also available in models as an option where not standard.

The standard cabin carpets across all models have also been made more  sustainable. The new cabin carpet is now 100 per cent recycled Nylon delivering the same level of comfort and feel of previous carpet which previously utilised 100 per cent virgin Nylon material.

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